Tuesday, 24 August 2010

The Party

The Party

The jester sits in a corner wreathed in clouds of green
With a knowing twinkle in his eye saying "I know where you've been"
Chaos and the Unicorn were playing another game
Things are getting out of hand, and will never be the same

The Shadow drifts in and out gently and usually with a smile
Drifting through the universe by the galactic mile
The Lady tries to intervene but things, have gone to far
So she sends Chaos to the kitchen to open up the Bar

Vino De Callapso and incense mist
The Shadow drifts in once again, and the Lady's hand is kissed
More people join the party, which is totally out to lunch
There’s more wine in the kitchen and lots of things to munch

We have had the final lesson and the ringing of the bells
And we all wake in the morning to deal with our private hells


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  1. Methinks I remember this poem from back int he day :-)